Practice Areas

Matthew J. Gilbert is an experienced attorney who is ready to use his knowledge and skill to represent you in your legal matter. He practices in the following areas:

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas within the Twin Cities Metro, Matt has helped many clients reach satisfactory conclusions in their cases. He is dedicated and focused to ensuring that each client is properly represented and that no stone is unturned when obtaining facts that can benefit the case.

Experienced Family Law Attorney

As a Minneapolis family law lawyer, you can expect compassionate and thorough representation in your family legal matters. We understand that family law-related issues are highly emotional. This is why you will receive the guidance that you deserve so that the process moves as smoothly as possible, allowing you to focus on your well-being.

Highly Skilled In Business Litigation

When faced with a business legal issue, it is important to have an experienced St. Paul & Minneapolis business attorney working with you to address the issue. Many times, an issue can be resolved at the negotiating table versus going to trial. Only in cases where an agreement cannot be reached do cases go to trial.

For instance, there may be a breach of contract issue. There are times when these matters can be negotiated and business relationships continue. Other times, an agreement may not happen and that means it has to be decided in court. When this phase is reached, you can expect a solid case to be built for you that is designed to obtain the desired result.

Providing The Consumer Protection You Deserve

If you are a consumer who has been violated due to illegal debt collection practices or a creditor has improperly reported information to your credit report and refuses to fix it. Then again, you may have purchased a car from a dealer who violated lemon laws.

As a consumer protection attorney, Matthew J. Gilbert has helped individuals throughout Minnesota who have been violated by debt collectors, creditors, and businesses that have a legal obligation to ensure the consumer is treated right. When a consumer isn’t, then it is their right to hold the business liable for the violation. It is also possible that the business could be fined if they commit an act that violates the law in addition to compensating the consumer. This is one reason why it is important for consumers to take action because taking action can prevent the business from doing the same to other consumers.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Attorney

Gilbert Law Office, PLLC is dedicated to ensuring that clients have the best possible representation when faced with specific legal issues. From family law and consumer protection law to business litigation, Matthew J. Gilbert has the knowledge and the experience to provide the advocacy that clients throughout the Twin Cities deserve. To learn more, call today at 612-564-3622 for a free consultation.